Human Resources

Human Resources plays a major role in the performance of a company. Many companies position themselves as specialists in Human Resources Information System (HRIS) consulting and provide support for businesses in their digital transformation and HR management outsourcing strategy. These services can be documentation / EDM (Electronic Data Management), payroll outsourcing, and many administrative tasks including recruitment and evaluations.

In the era of artificial intelligence and Big Data, there are many innovations, and not a week goes by without new start-ups offering innovative HR solutions to complement more traditional offerings on Oracle, Sage, TalentSoft.…

Why iScale?

iScale supports companies editing HR software, in particular by delivering millions of captured and categorized records that are useful for the continuous improvement of their systems.

Companies whose processes are digitized and supported by HR software, require iScale skills for administrative and accounting support roles. The permanent classification of CVS, invoice entry and payroll are among the most sought after tasks offered by iScale services. These tasks often require operators with specific knowledge. Our own HR department tests and selects profiles on the basis of their previous professional qualifications and experience, in relation to the requirement of a specific position/role.

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