Online Media

Digital / Online Media has transformed 21st century society. Online media groups are now providing marketing, information and services content across a wide range of platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Daily, billions of viewers using their smartphones across the world can view, share, comment, store innumerable videos, texts, images and music constantly overflowing the web. Journalism, entertainment, commerce, politics… all areas of communication are involved and affected by this new communication era.

Most traditional media have converted to these new modes of communication and information dissemination. Now, most of those rely solely on the internet for their models. Worse: any individual on the planet with a smartphone and a good internet connection has become a new source of creation, dissemination, modification, relay of information!

Why iScale?

The challenges for new online media are huge, and remain very diverse. The largest projects that iScale handles include the creation of editorial content and short videos, captioned and/or translated, often animated and enhanced using the latest motion design technique, ideal for formats required by current social media. The creation of infographic content is also very popular.

Our teams also specializes in moderating the content and exchanges carried out by the active communities of our clients’ pages on major social networks, and analyzing these contents for social listening purposes based on the gathered statistics for a brand or a product for example.