Motion Design Outsourcing

Create more attractive visual content with Motion Design Outsourcing

What is Motion Design Outsourcing?

Motion designers create artworks for television, film, or the web. They are typically artists previously involved with other creative techniques who have evolved into the digital world and motion design.

Motion designers create graphics put in motion though animation techniques and visual effects. These creations often result in infographics, movie clips, trailers, commercials or title sequences. In recent years. the number of motion designers and motion design related visual effects have drastically improved. Most digital content today includes a part of motion design.

In the digital age, motion designs exist on all digital platforms. Motion graphics are now powerful storytelling and styling tools, and are typically placed in TV commercials, movies, mobile apps or websites. As the demand for motion design content has increased, the Motion Design Outsourcing industry has also grown rapidly. Motion Design Outsourcing enables companies to perform motion design tasks remotely, with the help of a 3rd party service provider.

Motion design contains a variety of tools and techniques. Our professional design teams are well trained and display advanced skills to maximise the use of these tools.

Skills Needed

A motion designer should be familiar with the concepts of animation and motion design. Familiarity with different tools and software is a must. Also, designers are typically familiar with the Motion Design Outsourcing industry and usually know their common process and operational procedures.

Types of Motion Designs

Storytelling – tells a story in a non-linear way, jumping from one frame to another, allowing the story to be told dynamically

Movie Clip – a short clip of an entire film created to entice the audience to watch the movie

Instructional Video – a video explaining a complicated subject through simple visuals and animations

Explainer Video – short video explaining an idea, subject or concept

Brand Video – presents a new or existing product, as well as company culture