Companies working in an international context frequently need to translate documents for their own customers or employees. Such documents can be used for internal or external purpose, and require a high standard of quality and accuracy. The translation process is usually a time-intensive task consuming a lot of internal resources for little value added output. We provide outsourced translation services for our customers and help them to remain focus on their core business.

Why Translation Outsourcing?

COST. Hiring a local translator to translate office documents is simply not cost-effective, especially for small or medium businesses. Outsourcing provides highly skilled translators at a low price.

SKILLS. Translators from a professional outsourcing company are already trained in specific industries and already know how to translate commonly used technical terms.

TIME. Leveraging 24/7/365 operations helps delivering translations faster, compared to maintaining an in-house 8×5 team.

Why iScale Solutions?

Our translation services are 100% human-powered and only use software-based solutions for spellcheck, grammar and context review. We are well versed into translating legal, medical and marketing documents for Asian and European languages. We leverage our global operation centers to dispatch the translation request to the most appropriate location. Please contact us for your specific translation needs.