E-Commerce Industry Outsourcing

We offer Outsourcing Services for the E-Commerce Industry

Our Outsourcing Services for the E-Commerce Industry

Image Processing

Image Processing

Image processing increases the desirability and conversion rate of products. According to a recent Nielsen study, 63% of visitors value images more than any other content. Unless photography is done under studio conditions with strict specifications, new product visuals are mainly from disparate supplier / reseller catalogs. Typically, amateur photos also present used products. Therefore, visuals are often of uneven quality and require processing and retouching. Our professional images processing outsourcing team can work on your E-Commerce digital content and bring it to the level required for conversions to increase.

Customer Support

eCommerce Customer Support

They say: “It’s harder to keep customers than to acquire new ones”. Hence, customer service is of particular importance in the context of marketplaces or E-Commerce sites. Customer service is an undeniable differentiator and one of the major areas of development for any E-Commerce platform. In today’s online world, Customer Relationship has become multi-channel. Therefore, it is critical to totally control the support process and make the Customer purchasing experience as good as possible. We provide Outsourced Customer Support services for E-Commerce sites, to provide 24/7 professional experience.

Sales Support

E-Commerce Industry Sales Support Outsourcing

In the E-Commerce Outsourcing Industry, sales support agents assist E-commerce sites and marketplace teams to develop customer or merchant ecosystems.  In addition, sales support agents perform back-office sales assistance tasks, typically closely linked to lead generation / conversion missions. A sales support agent aims to capture the interest of new resellers and thus to increase the number of members or products available on E-Commerce or marketplace. Sales support usually involves lead sourcing, database enrichment, followup campaign etc. Sales Support is an important component to grow the footprint of a marketplace and to increase the traffic of an E-Commerce site.


E-Commerce Industry Copywriting Outsourcing

E-Commerce content is essential for SEO and SERP ranking. E-Commerce sites and marketplaces require a large amount of content writing. The content starts with product descriptions, then extends into explaining category pages. Furthermore, it is important to write recurring content contributions such as newsletters, blog articles, sales and promotion materials, etc. Besides the initial goal of attracting visitors and converting into sales, the content has to remain consistent with the brand, philosophy and product vision of the site. Creating high-quality content requires strong copywriting skills. For this reason, Copywriting is an important service in E-Commerce Industry Outsourcing.