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Unlock access to the top 5% of IT support specialists from leading outsourcing destinations with iScale Solutions. Our custom-tailored services ensure you’re matched with elite talent suited precisely for your project’s success.

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What is IT Support Outsourcing?

IT Support Outsourcing involves the delegation of various IT support functions to external service providers rather than handling them in-house. This outsourcing model allows organizations to leverage the expertise and resources of specialized IT service providers to manage and support their IT infrastructure, systems, and applications. In essence, IT Support Outsourcing enables companies to offload the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities associated with maintaining and troubleshooting IT systems to third-party vendors.

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Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support Specialists

Unlock the Top 5% Talent

Access the crème de la crème— the top 5% of talent we’ve rigorously vetted for their superior technical, logical, and interpersonal skills, saving you from the screening grind.

Seamless Team Integration

Work with outsourced IT support specialists who adapt to your time zone, ensuring smooth communication and understanding of your project goals.

Up to 70% Savings

Our comprehensive outsourcing solutions not only provide exceptional support but also offer significant cost savings, with potential reductions of up to 70% compared to the expenses associated with maintaining an in-house team.

Quick Team Formation

Skip the long hiring process. We swiftly assemble and onboard an expert team tailored to your project, cutting down on setup time.

Speedy Delivery

Leverage time zone differences with our global team approach for faster delivery cycles and a quicker route to market, giving you a competitive advantage.

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With us, you’re not just filling roles; you’re strategically enhancing your team with some of the brightest stars in the industry. The future is waiting—let’s build it together.
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Our Tailored Solutions

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How it works

Finding Your IT Support Specialists

Whether you’re looking to outsource specific tasks or entire processes, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Let us handle the details so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.


Assessment and Requirement Gathering

The client assesses its IT support needs and requirements.

Vendor Selection

The client evaluates and selects a suitable IT support service provider.

SLA Negotiation

Both parties negotiate and finalize a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Transition Planning

A transition plan is developed to transfer knowledge and access to IT systems from the client to the vendor.


Service Implementation

The vendor begins providing IT support services according to the agreed-upon SLA.

Communication and Reporting

Regular communication is maintained, and performance is monitored against SLA targets.

Continuous Improvement

Both parties collaborate to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize service delivery.
Top talent in top locations

Outsource Top IT Support Specialists from the Best Outsourcing Locations

Tap into the Philippines for efficient and skilled outsourcing solutions. With a strong BPO industry and English proficiency, it’s a cost-effective choice for quality services.
Explore Vietnam’s outsourcing advantages. Enjoy competitive costs and a dynamic workforce for improved productivity and growth.
Unlock Madagascar’s potential for unique outsourcing advantages. With a budding industry and multilingual workforce, it offers diverse solutions for global businesses.
Common Questions About Software Development Outsourcing


How does iScale Solutions ensure data security when providing IT support?

iScale Solutions implements robust security measures, including encryption, access controls, compliance with security standards and regulations, regular security audits, and confidentiality agreements to protect sensitive data. For more information, click here.

The SLA for IT support outsourcing should clearly define the scope of services, service levels, response times, resolution times, performance metrics, escalation procedures, communication channels, responsibilities of both parties, termination clauses, and any other terms and conditions relevant to the outsourcing arrangement. It’s crucial to ensure that the SLA aligns with the organization’s needs and expectations and provides a mechanism for monitoring and enforcing service quality.