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Meet the driving force behind revolutionary outsourcing solutions. Our seasoned team specializes in crafting outsourcing strategies tailored to redefine your business efficiency and innovation.

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Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Iannis

Iannis Hanen

Iannis blends his French and American heritage with a deep-seated passion for entrepreneurship. With 15 fruitful years in the Philippines and extensive experience in tech both in Silicon Valley and the Philippines, he is a seasoned leader. His journey is marked by successfully establishing and growing multiple businesses, showcasing his innate entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.

Luke Cunico

Luke hails from Singapore and brings a wealth of experience in managing operations to the iScale team. At the heart of iScale Ventures, he oversees the critical areas of Human Resources, Recruitment, and IT, ensuring our operations run smoothly and efficiently. His expertise and leadership are pivotal in driving our mission and supporting our growth.

Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Ninoy

Ninoy Salmon

Ninoy brings a rich French-Filipino heritage and over a decade of expertise in finance and accounting to the iScale team. Leading our finance and accounting team, he ensures our financial health and strategic planning are top-notch. As a co-founder of Proseso Consulting, an accounting outsourcing firm, Ninoy’s entrepreneurial flair and deep understanding of the financial landscape are invaluable assets to our operations and growth.

Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Jean

Jean-Emmanuel Labignette

Jean hails from France and has been a key player in the tech scene for many years, with significant experience in the Philippines. As a co-founder of iScale Software, our software development outsourcing arm, his expertise has been pivotal in shaping innovative tech solutions. His leadership in technology drives our commitment to delivering cutting-edge services to our clients.

Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Tomy

Tomy Gallois

Tomy brings a wealth of experience from the French BPO sector to the iScale team. With his extensive background, Tomy leads all our BPO activities, ensuring excellence and innovation in our services. As a co-founder of iScale People, our dedicated BPO practice, his expertise and vision have been instrumental in driving our growth and success in the industry.

Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Bertrand

Bertrand Navarre

Bertrand, serving as our Business Solution Director, brings his French roots and extensive experience in the Philippines to the forefront of iScale’s strategy and innovation. As a co-founder of Volendra, an HR and Payroll System, Bertrand’s expertise in creating effective business solutions is invaluable to our team, ensuring we offer top-notch services and systems to our clients.

Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Len

Len Dinglasan

Len, our Vice President of HR, brings over a decade of experience in General Business Administration to the iScale team. As a dedicated Filipina professional, she expertly manages all aspects of human resources, ensuring our company culture thrives and our team members are supported in their growth and development.
Iscale Solutions Outsourcing Team - Carlo

Carlo Zapata

Carlo, our Vice President of Finance, leverages over a decade of expertise in Finance and Accounting to steer the financial health of iScale. As a committed Filipino professional, Carlo oversees all financial aspects of the company, ensuring robust financial strategies and operational efficiency.

Our Distributed Team

Our top teams, strategically positioned across the world’s premier outsourcing locations, work tirelessly around the clock to redefine the outsourcing landscape. From Manila to Madagascar, and beyond, our experts bring a blend of local knowledge and global insights, ensuring that your project benefits from the best of both worlds.