Market Research

The Market Research companies collect, analyze and present data mainly related to 4 major research domain: brands (image, positioning, competition…), products and innovations, consumers (their choices, their experiences, their consumption habits…), and social trends (surveys, opinions…).

The services offered by market research firms include, but are not limited to, sampling, data collection, statistical analysis and market analysis, ratings, and survey services and tools.

Historically, outsourcing is in high demand to help these companies in their tasks of collecting, formalizing and analyzing data. Telephone surveys of all kinds have been around for decades. Today, the data available on the web are virtually infinite and require advanced methodologies for collection, standardization, enrichment and reading.

Why iScale?

Whatever the nature of the studies and the preferred methodology for the collection, standardization and exploitation of the data, iScale provides multilingual skills, expertise in massive collection of web data useful to the web mining activities of its clients.

Data research & sources identification
Online and offline data collection
Data cleansing, filtering and formatting
Creation and maintenance of database
Social Media Listening and Monitoring

Choosing iScale as an outsourcing partner to support you in these often recurring, massive and time-consuming tasks allows you to benefit from our competitive services, particularly our proven high quality of our deliverables, our short turnaround times, and our attractive prices.

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