Online Gaming Industry Outsourcing

We offer a range of relevant Outsourcing Services for the Gaming Industry

What is the Online Gaming Industry?

The video game industry began in the 1980s with game consoles plugged into television. The Online Gaming Industry, on the other hand, was born with the Internet and has grown since the early 2000s. Since its birth, the Online Gaming Industry has accelerated at an incredible speed on all markets. devices connected to the Internet (PCs, game consoles, mobile phones, smart TVs, etc.). It is estimated that approximately 2.5 billion people play online games today. The Online Gaming Industry is estimated to be worth $ 90 billion.

Adoption of Outsourcing in the Online Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry Outsourcing Services

The Online Gaming Industry has, very early on, worked on a 24/7 basis to service a global community of players. To keep operational costs low, maximize margins, and deal with production peaks, companies in the Online Gaming Industry typically rely on outsourcing partners for the production or operation of game titles.

  • Customer service. Customer Service is a key aspect of successful game operations. Players spending significant amounts in games except nothing less than top support to look into game issues or other account management problems.
  • Community Management. Staying in touch with the players’ community is essential for a game title to be successful. Games Community Management generates relevant activities inside the games to keep the players engaged and motivated to play more and spend more in game.
  • Systems Operations. Game servers uptime and system performance is a necessity for an online game to attract more players and traffic. Gaming company typically outsource infrastructure management and 24/7 system monitoring to guarantee system resiliency, uptime and availability.
  • Content Development. Game contents needs to evolve rapidly as strong players level up. Outsourcing some the Content Development (e.g. new game levels) ensure sufficient head start and frees up the core development team to work on the framework and core components of the game.

Our Outsourcing Services for the Online Gaming Industry

QA Testing

We offer QA Testing Services for game content. We have expertise for Web, Mobile, Console and VR games.

Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support services are available for chat and email response in multiple languages.

Technical Support

Advanced technical support agents with knowledge of relevant technologies, available 24/7.

Community Management

Challenge your online players with Games Master and Games Community Management

Feedback from our Online Gaming Industry customers

Ozwe Games Logo

OZWE Games is a Swiss development studio pioneering in Virtual Reality (VR) games with Oculus (Facebook-owned) as official partner.
Our studio is a leader in VR with a deep foundation in mobile optimization techniques and solid knowledge in cross-play and cross-platform development.

Every 18 months, OZWE Games develops a new VR title for Oculus, always following important milestones and tiny deadlines from game conceptualization to distribution. iScale has been a good partner to work with, providing many benefits to us and working on a tight production schedule.

Jocelyn Weiss – Technical Director