Real Estate

The real estate industry has become very competitive, considering the new models and tools that are emerging and imposing themselves on professionals and individuals. Many real estate agencies are turning to digital solutions to promote their ads and equip their agents with innovative tools, so that prospects can quickly search and find information.

In this context, more and more real estate agencies rely on outsourced expert resources to carry out monitoring, canvassing, integrating new products into back-offices, improving the content of advertisements to increase visibility and internet traffic, etc. Real estate is a sector training more and more people who are becoming experts in their fields, all over the world.

Faced with potential global economic downturns such as in 2008, it is important to know the outsourcing strategies that will allow you to maximize your working time while reducing your operational costs and risks.

Why iScale?

In addition to helping you focus on the vital aspects of your business, iScale teams can help you do more, reduce labor costs and improve customer experience. An outsourced iScale team can handle many tasks such as prospecting, marketing, lead generation, back office management of your sites, as well as phone calls and email management.