Retail & eCommerce

E-commerce is the industry that consumes the most outsourced services. From the creation of your e-commerce platform to your after-sales activities, there are many steps that may require outsourced services.

Whether your site is intended for the mass sale of a single product, or whether you own a marketplace with thousands of references, regardless of the industry in which you operate, your main goal is to offer your visitors the best shopping experience. Web design, content integration, customer relations, managing your e-reputation on the web are just a few examples of the recurring tasks that are essential to your e-retail business.

Why iScale?

iScale offers the widest range of services that can meet the needs of commercial sites. As the core business of iScale is software development (and especially web development), it is common for our clients who have trusted us for the design of their platform and manage manage their back-office support activities. Depending on your preference, the different iScale teams under the same customer account but operating on different roles/departments can collaborate and considerably optimize the overall performance of your e-commerce activity.

iScale meets very different needs, whether the activities of our customers are B2C which relates to general products, or B2B dealing with products that are often very specific, iScale recruitment capabilities can reach up to the engineering level.