Travel Industry Outsourcing

We support companies in the travel industry with a range of outsourcing services.

What is the Travel Industry?

The travel industry has undergone a fundamental digital transformation over the past 15 years. While some niche players are still targeting conservative customers in a physical setup, many players have moved to digital online solutions. Meanwhile, since the start of 2000, a number of new disruptive players have entered the travel industry with innovative online solutions. Today, 80% of hotel reservations in the United States are made online. The world’s largest online travel agency has nearly 25,000 employees. Before the COVID-19 crisis, the travel industry was a 6 trillion USD industry globally.

The adoption of outsourcing by the Travel Industry

Travel Industry Outsourcing Services

The online travel industry has quickly embraced the travel industry outsourcing solutions, due to the nature of its business, to ensure 24/7 operations for customers. While in the past, only airlines had 24/7 call centers, online travel sites quickly had to embrace a 24/7 presence for their customers. To keep operational costs low, offer the most aggressive prices, and adapt to fluctuations in demand, companies in the travel industry typically outsource a number of services.

  • Customer service. Last minute bookings, flight cancellations and missed connections are common day-to-day situations that customer support agents for the travel industry must deal with.
  • Fraud prevention. Many companies in the travel industry process sensitive user data and payment information necessary for travel. Fraud prevention is a key outsourced service in the travel industry.
  • Online Marketing. Online travel booking websites require intensive online marketing and must constantly look for ways to position themselves positively online.

Our outsourcing services for the Travel Industry

Software Development

We offer outsourced software development services for the travel industry, with dedicated or project-based teams.

Customer Support

Our 24/7 customer support services are available for chat and email response in multiple languages.

Technical Support

Advanced technical support agents with knowledge of relevant technologies, available 24/7.


Improve your travel agency’s online presence with quality writing services to produce thoughtful articles.

Feedback from our Travel Industry customers

Travel Industry Outsourcing

Bought by the ACCOR HOTEL Group in 2017, VeryChic is one of the largest French sites for the private sale of luxury hotel nights. The site generates significant volumes of reservations via its site and its mobile application. VERY CHIC works with over 4000 hotels and has over 8 million members on its website.

I am delighted with our collaboration with iScale Solutions and we wanted to entrust them with other assignments. Our new dedicated team is now in charge of assembling the information for the creation of product sheets for each luxury hotel. Our VeryChic members being very demanding, we owe it to ourselves to live up to their expectations.

Alexandra Ortiz – Head of Digital Content