Outsourced Team

Let our Outsourced Team do the hard work for you. We take care of everything.

What is an Outsourced Team?

The Outsourced Team model is a results-oriented model removing operational responsibilities from the Customer. In this approach, we are solely responsible for managing operational resources, for delivering the product or service as per the customer specifications. The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) defined in the service contract also need to be followed. The Outsourced Team is a “Hands Off” approach for the Customer. Processes and deliverables are defined, SLAs are agreed upon, then we have flexibility to arrange our project team adequately. A project or account manager typically interacts with the Customer to take input and give status of the deliverables.

Outsourced Teams, particularly for Software Development or Creative Work, can operate on a Time and Material basis, or on a project deliverables basis.

Outsourced Team Onboarding Process

Outsourced Team Advantages

The Outsourced Team model is a great fit for many situations. The Customer does not need to worry about recruitment or building up a team. We take care of the resource planning for our Customers. Also, there is no need for the Customer to worry about execution. Our Project Manager handles the project planning and all relevants tasks and dependencies.

Typically, team members also know each other quite well and have worked on other projects together before. The team is therefore well organized and quick to get started.

However, this model is more successful when Customers have clear specifications for projects, and when Project Manager are able to detail and articulate the specifications properly to the team. The requirements clarification phase before the quotation is a critical step to ensure that the Outsourced Team will be successful. Without clear specifications, an outsourcing project may fail, or deadlines may be missed. Therefore, the specification analysis before the quotation is very important to increase the project success chances.

Besides this model, we also offer Team Augmentation and Wage Hosting solutions.