Wage Hosting

Bring your employees. Settle in. Start working. Wage hosting takes care of everything else.

What is Wage Hosting?

The Wage Hosting, similar to the Team Augmentation model, leaves the operational control to the customer. In this model, the Customer brings one or more employees or contractor that have been pre-selected. Then, we setup this dedicated team inside our offices. Once the team is ready to start operating, the customer assigns work and manages deliverables with the augmented team on a daily basis. With wage hosting, the customer knows the real cost of employees and only pays a monthly fee according to the actual team cost. We handle all administrative aspects (salaries, facilities, taxes, etc) while the Customer solely focuses on operating the team and delivering output.

Onboarding Model

In the Wage Hosting model, the Customer has usually already identified the employees, and the onboarding usually does not require interview, besides the regular background check. Beforehand however, we typically need to know enough about your company to understand the context of the operations. 

Some example of information required for Wage Hosting model are:

  • Company background (size, funding, type of products, market, leadership etc)
  • Whether management has prior experience with outsourcing. If so, what was the setup and how was the team managed?
  • Job descriptions for the roles considered
  • Working schedule, when applicable
  • How will the candidate work with other employees on the customer side? Who will be managing them?
Wage Hosting Onboarding Model

What are the advantages?

The Wage Hosting model is ideal for Customers looking for a long term relationship and a stable, committed team. In this model, employees feel part of the Customer’s organization and become deeply integrated in the operations. For the Customer, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is usually very low compared to a similar onshore setup. Fees and costs are transparent, bringing the actual cost very near to actual market rates. Many customers fail to realize that the TCO includes facilities, desks and chairs, internet connectivity, PC, employee benefits etc, and not just the employees’ basic salaries.