3D Modeling Outsourcing

Accelerate your 3D modeling projects with 3D Modeling Outsourcing

What is 3D Modeling Outsourcing?

3D modelers are multimedia artists and animators using computer software to create figures and models in a three-dimensional space. Simply put, a 3D modeler brings one-dimensional representations of people, places, processes, actions and things to life. These creations can be used in a variety of applications such as TV commercials, video games and scientific, medical or education.

The primary responsibility of a 3D modeler is to design and create 3D models based on specifications from the client.

Skills Needed

Most 3D modeling work is done using software. Therefore, mastering at least one sculpting and texturing program is a must. 3D modeling is a fast evolving field with constantly changing programs and tools. 3D modelers must be able to adapt to these changes to stay on top of their game.

3D Modeling Tools