Graphic Design Outsourcing

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What is Graphic Design Outsourcing?

Social media platforms are rising in popularity and have become a primary location for advertising. Companies are turning to visually compelling graphics to boost product placement in various online platforms and marketplaces. Connecting with consumers requires a compelling product visual representation to catch the consumer eye and prevent them from scrolling away.

The creation of these visuals is called graphic design. Designs can come in many forms such as logo, infographics, website layout, product label, book cover, signs, software interface, business cards or advertisements.

Skills Needed

The ability to use elements of graphic design (Color, Line, Shape, Texture, Space, Form, Size) and design principles (balance, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition, proportion, rhythm, variety and unity) to create a virtually impactful design is a must.

A skilled graphic designer is typically able to use different tools and software, and can adapt to a fast-paced digital climate.

Types of Graphic Design Roles

Graphic Designer – Develops / conceptualizes the overall design, puts together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a visually compelling content for use in advertising, print media or publishing.

Web Designer – Designs the layout and visual appearance of a website, making sure that the interface is easy to use and aesthetically appealing for a given device (laptop, tablet, mobile).

Art Director – Creates and develops visual styles for the brand identity. An art director usually supervises a team of designers and provides feedback, attending client’s meeting to discuss an effective creative strategy.

Visual Designer (visual communicators) – Responsible in creating designs that have a certain “feel” and “voice” as specified by the client. Designs need to be user-centered, and the visual designers aim to maximize user experience in various interfaces, including websites, mobile devices, and apps.

User Experience (UX designer) – UX designers focus on user experience across different platforms and how they interact with them. Areas of focus include how users navigate the site, what happens when a button is clicked, effect of website theme on purchase decision, etc. The main goal is to provide simple usability for the website and a smooth online experience.

Graphic Artist – Creates artwork to be put together by graphic designers.