Image Processing Outsourcing

Increase your content quality with Image Processing Outsourcing

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Nowadays, digital platforms rely on visual content to attract traffic and promote products or items for sale. Getting the right level of image quality is critical for users to make a purchase decision. Typically, item sellers do not have professional photography equipment. Therefore, Image Processing Outsourcing enables marketplaces and other sites to improve the visual content and the content quality in the platform.

Why Image Processing Outsourcing?

Image Processing Outsourcing

Companies rely on Image Processing Outsourcing for a number of reasons. Usually, the most frequent reasons are:

  • Promoting products requiring a high quality of visuals, where the current visuals do not have the right quality levels.
  • Need to bring consistency and homogeneity between product sheets (e.g. on a seller website). It is also important to create a consistent look and feel across a large number of product images on the site.
  • Need to optimize the conversion rate by making pictures more appealing.
  • Improve the visitor experience and the referencing of articles.

What are typical tasks for Image Processing Outsourcing?

The Image Processing Outsourcing Industry uses a number of skilled agents with a variety of tools. Agents performing Image Processing tasks usually can perform one or more task of the following:

  • Sourcing: search for visuals on the internet, when the provided visuals  are of too poor quality, or when additional visuals are required to complete the product image library. Sometimes, visuals are not provided at all and need to be made from scratch.
  • Extraction: Recording of the visuals in the best possible definition
  • Clipping: Removal of the original background or environment and placing the main content on a white or transparent background
  • New environment: addition of a specific environment in the background of the cropped visual
  • Cropping and zooming respecting the site’s graphic charter
  • Creation of additional visual (s) from existing visual (s)
  • Color management: sharpness, saturation, contrast, brightness, white balance …
  • Retouching: erasing imperfections, removing reflections, removing superfluous texts, changing orientation, adding shadows …
  • Resize and convert to back-office compatible format
  • Selection, ordering of visuals and choice of the main visual
  • Renaming for referencing help following specific instructions (numbering, description of the visual in the name of the processed image file, brand name, product reference, etc.)
  • Additional insertion of watermark / logos / pastilles (price, promotions, brands, labels, origin …)

Our Image Processing Outsourcing Team uses professional image editing software to create visually compelling images. All our team members have hundreds of project hours. We guarantee our quality work and invite you to contact us for a test project.