Content transcription is a legal requirement for many industries. Verbal content needs to be converted to written text, either for accessibility or indexation purpose. Despite the rise of increasing powerful AI based technology, content transcription requires a high degree of human involvement to guarantee quality and accuracy.

We specialize in content transcription for the Legal, Medical, Insurance and Media (TV & Radio) industries. Each industry requires specialists familiar with industry specific terms and technical jargon.

Why Transcription Outsourcing?

Transcription is time consuming. It takes a beginner-level person about 5 times the duration of the original content to perform a transcription. In other words, a beginner-level operator takes 5 hours to transcribe a one hour verbal statement. Using an expert team enables saving time and reducing the duration of the transcription effort.

Transcription requires accuracy. Transcription is an exact process with many potentially adverse legal or business consequences if done improperly. Outsourcing the transcription process guarantees a service level that is usually difficult to achieve without an expert team.

Why the Philippines?

Philippines is a thriving transcription for English language, as English is the Philippines second (and almost native) language. The language competency, combined with a high ratio of data entry and fast-typing skills, makes Philippines an easy choice for transcription work.

Philippines also has a large talent pool for our core transcription target industries (insurance, medical, legal and media).

Why iScale Solutions?

Technology. We provide transcribers with the best tools available to ensure speed and accuracy of the transcription. While we use AI technology to speed up the transcription work, humans are still 100% used for content verification and correction.

Process integration. Transcription work requires integration inside our client business processes. We work with our clients to ensure a seamless experience in a time effective manner.

Language Competency. We provide transcription services in a number of Asian and European languages. Please contact us to discuss your specific transcription needs.

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