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Accelerate your Shopify Setup with an experienced Shopify Development Outsourcing team

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Shopify is a great way to get your eCommerce business started online. Over time, we have setup many Shopify sites and enabled small brick and mortar businesses to reach a global online audience.

Our team understands well how to put together a nice site design, powerful domain name, nice looking products and a seamless payment system. This simple combination allows many businesses to ensure their online presence in days, not in months.

Our simple Shopify Setup process gets you started in no time. We have all the skills required to get you going. So, just relax and let us take care of this!

Shopify Setup All-Inclusive Offer


Our Shopify Development Outsourcing package includes an experienced designer, to purchase and enhance a theme in the Shopify Theme marketplace. We always follow your company brand identity. Also, we can enhance your product images to show them under their best light on your online shop, with our Creative services.


Your Shopify Setup can be customized. We offer customizations via the Shopify interface for navigation, search, payment etc. Shopify basic or the Shopify Plus options also offer various options we can configure. Also, we configure all the details of the order fulfillment, shipping and payment and navigation. Tell us what you need we will set it up in Shopify for you.

Catalog Management

Importing an entire product catalog into Shopify can be complex and time consuming. Even worse, creating engaging product descriptions can be time consuming for an entire catalog. We take care of importing all the data into Shopify. If you do not have product descriptions or good photos, our Creative and Copywriting services can help.

Shopify Setup Process Flow

We perform your Shopify Setup in a few easy steps:

Discovery: We sit down and figure out what you have and what you don’t have. Then, we come up with a scope of work for the project.

Plan: We create a simple and straightforward plan, including a quotation and tasks to perform. No hidden changes, easy to understand. Yes, it’s that simple!

Implementation: Our Shopify Development Outsourcing Team takes care of all the setup, product import, configuration, domain settings etc. So, just sit back and relax!

Launch: Once your site ready, it is launched in production. Afterwards, we make sure everything is functional and looks great.

Operate: You can decide to operate your shop, let us manage it for you, or work with us jointly to make sure everything runs fine. After all, it is your choice!

Shopify Setup Discovery Plan Implement Launch

Why iScale Solutions?

Professional Team

Our Shopify Development Outsourcing team is in-house and has done a lot of Shopify projects. We assure a flawless setup to all our customers. Leave the difficult work to our expert and enjoy your new eCommerce site.

On Time Delivery

We carefully plan the time of our Shopify Setup to make sure we release everything on time. Every phase of the project is clearly defined and we work with you closely to make sure everything goes up as planned, on time.


SEO is a critical component of your Shopify Setup. Your SEO settings need to be optimized for your site so that your products are visible and indexed. So, we make sure your site is SEO friendly to boost your visits and sales.