Data Entry Outsourcing

Save time and effort for your business with professional Data Entry skills

What is Data Entry Outsourcing ?

Data entry is the process of inputting alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data into a computer. It is a very basic task but one of the most important in admin operations. It is critical for the data entry process to not introduce data quality issues (such as error or typos). Despite development of automation and character recognition techniques that can be used in the data entry process, human involvement is still required to guarantee that the data input process is done accurately.

There are many types of data entry projects: online, offline, semi-automated or manual. The project may be about forms, product specifications, invoices, Purchase Orders, surveys, etc. We thrive to use the most appropriate methodology for the project, along with quality testing. We typically allocate the most skilled employee for the assignment. We are comfortable with large volume orders as well as basic tasks. We also handle projects where deeper domain knowledge is required to understand the data and take corrective actions for the processing.

Examples of Data Entry Roles

Many companies rely on Data Entry Outsourcing services for clerical and admin work. Data Entry covers a very wide range of services. Typical examples are:

Transcription – Transfer of data or information from audio/video format to written format

Online Forms – Filling up of online forms with details already given in advance. This is usually required by companies aiming to be on top of internet search results

PDF to Database – Typing text from PDF or image formats into another document or into a database

Data Quality – Verifying accuracy of the data entry process, checking for duplicates or typographical errors.

Data Entry for finance industry – entering personal information and financial transactions (e.g. bank transactions) into a database

Data Entry for retail industry – enter pricing, inventory information, catalog orders, and incoming / outgoing package deliveries data into a database