Accounting Outsourcing Services

Accelerate your accounting operations with our Accounting Outsourcing Services

Our Accounting Outsourcing Services include Bookkeeping, Tax Accounting, Payroll, Forensic Accounting and Accounting Audit. Accounting agents typically record accounts payable and receivable, inventory, payroll, fixed assets and review records to determine the client financial position. A monthly reporting can also be provided.

We usually setup a flexible accounting team based on the client needs and the client organization structure. Also our agents are versed in a variety of accounting software and solutions, for small to large businesses.

Why Accounting Outsourcing?

COST. The financial industry has gotten more complex over time, and specialists are more suitable to perform accounting tasks. With the rise cloud-based accounting software, traditional accounting practices are disrupted, and expertise with such software is required in most companies. Often, that expertise usually comes at an additional cost, either through new hires or through retraining of existing employees.

Outsourcing accounting tasks allows to save up to 70% compared to employing a direct workforce in a developed market. In fact, savings result not just from salary difference but also from health insurance premium, office space, equipment and other benefits.

Why the Philippines?

Since 1923, accountancy is legally recognized in the Philippines, making it one of the oldest professions in the country. As of 2018, the Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines reported a total of over 188,000 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), with over 7,000 additional CPAs registered every year. However, the number of non-CPA accountants is significantly more. Surprisingly, Philippines has the highest number of accounting schools among ASEAN countries, with nearly 500 schools offering Bachelor degree in Accounting. Therefore, this qualified talent pool makes the Philippines a prime destination for Accounting Outsourcing Services.

Why iScale Solutions?

We’re here to help our customers focus on their business, and leave their accounting operations to us. We recruit professional accountants and CPAs from the best schools in the country, and follow accounting and bookkeeping best practices in the industry.

Our flexible team setup allows your outsourced team to fit well with our client organizational structures and processes. Usually, we do not impose any particular tools and adjust into existing processes of our clients. Also, we adjust our work shifts, tools and processes on a per-client basis.