Data Security & Compliance

Keeping Your Outsourced Work Safe and Within the Rules

As your trusted outsourcing partner, we go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your outsourced work is safeguarded and adheres strictly to industry standards and regulations.

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Our Global Standards for Local Peace of Mind

Our commitment to safeguarding your data goes hand in hand with strict compliance. As data protection regulations evolve, we ensure our security measures meet the highest standards, keeping your information secure and compliant in our Philippines, Madagascar, and Vietnam offices.
Guarded Building

Guards monitor our buildings’, allowing only staff and approved guests, with spot checks to ensure device security.

Biometric Access
Entry to operation zones requires biometric ID scans, securing access for employees, with visitor access strictly controlled by management.
CCTV Coverage
We maintain continuous indoor and outdoor surveillance in compliance with local laws, monitoring all activity for added security.
We enforce a clean desk policy to prevent data leaks, with management ensuring no sensitive information is left exposed.

Our operations are ISO 9001 certified, underscoring our commitment to top-tier quality management and information security.

We’re certified under DO 174, enabling us to deploy our staff directly to client sites, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration.

Tailored Security Configurations for Your Team

When it comes to IT security, we’re highly attentive to adapting to our clients’ unique requirements. Our dedicated IT support team can tailor employee laptops to fit your specific guidelines, ensuring a perfect match with your security protocols. We’re also open to working closely with your IT team right where you are, providing the local support you need to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our Enhanced HR Protocols for Team Building

In assembling your dedicated outsourced team, we prioritize several critical security steps:

Thorough Background Reviews

We confirm identities, academic achievements, and professional backgrounds to ensure a reliable and skilled team.

Rigorous Security Screening

Our checks identify any past criminal activities and flag significant security concerns, safeguarding your project’s integrity.
We conduct comprehensive medical checks to guarantee that all team members are healthy and ready to deliver their best work.

Secure Employment Agreements

Our employment contracts highlight data security, setting clear rules and consequences to safeguard your project’s privacy.