Software Development Outsourcing

Leave us the complex software development and focus on growing your business.

Why iScale Solutions?

We have done Software Development Outsourcing since 2012. Over the years, we have worked with customers to accelerate their software development cycles and IT operations. Furthermore, our leadership team has more than 20 years experience in the outsourced software development industry. Also, we have delivered many scalable B2B and B2C web applications.

As a team, we have delivered many web and mobile applications. We cater for all stages of the productions, from inception, to production, and into maintenance.

We offer strong competency in all aspects of the software development outsourcing process.

Web Development Outsourcing

Our web developers focus on front end technologies and User Experience.

Mobile Development Outsourcing

Our mobile developers write platform-native or cross-platform code.

Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Quality engineers validate software functionality, robustness and performance.

DevOps & Systems Outsourcing

DevOps engineers manage public cloud infrastructure and software deployment via code.

We leverage modern technologies, processes and tools to write robust, tested and stable software. Our iterative Agile approach enables customers to save time and money, and to see business value delivered at every iteration.

Many companies are mislead to believe that software development outsourcing has become a commodity. However, these companies fail to realize that software projects require well-qualified engineering expertise, along with solid project management and business analysis. In fact, over 70% of software projects, whether outsourced or not, fail or deliver lower than expected quality, generally for a higher than expected cost. We combine software engineering best practices with strict technical staff recruitment to deliver the best results.

Software Development Outsourcing

How to get started?

Initially, our software development outsourcing process starts with a discussion with customers to clarify requirements or to formalize them. Optionally, we help on User Interface / User Experience improvement work with the product owner. The technical maturity of the customer dictates how deep we get involved in architecture and technology decisions. For mature customers, we work with the onshore decision makers and follow technical guidelines. However, for a less mature customers, we can make technical decisions about infrastructure, framework, deployment, data models, or other product aspects.

In addition, we have a bias for cloud and automation. In fact, most of our projects involve public cloud infrastructure, DevOps methodology, infrastructure as code and automated QA testing.