Computer Software

Software Development has been a well known service in the outsourcing industry for many years. Many regions of the world offer software engineering outsourcing. Historically, India and China used to be major software outsourcing locations. Over time, as software development outsourcing demand increased, new countries have established themselves as major players in the industry, while China and India still remain traditional destinations. Nowadays, major outsourcing locations for software development include India, China, countries in Eastern Europe (Romania, Poland, Ukraine), Russia, countries in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia), countries in South America (Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina), and countries in SouthEast Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines). Customers in the developed markets tend to choose an outsourcing location based on geographical proximity or time difference, along with language skills and technologies available. Price is obviously another factor, although language skills and time difference usually make the first level of decision for customers.

Computer software is amongst the most complex services to outsource successfully. In developed countries, the implementation of Agile processes, combined with the growing need to work from home or with distributed teams, has encouraged the use of collaboration platforms. In turn, these platforms have helped the software outsourcing industry to develop itself and to include developers from many locations in a single project. Many companies nowadays include developers from a number of countries, and many veterans in the software industry have experience working with remote teams in major outsourcing locations.

The realm of software outsourcing includes many roles involved in the software development lifecycles. The most common roles usually include Quality Assurance for software testing and validation, DevOps for systems management and administration, as well as various software engineers roles such as backend, frontend or mobile development.

Software Development Outsourcing